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Full Version: Spell and grammar check blog/news posts before posting
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@Martijn, no offence but I believe that the heads of a few grammar police must have exploded after reading your post.  Devil


Too many errors there to list so suggest just to run it and future posts through Grammarly or similar services and tools.


Maybe you got the old cached version? I corrected most of it yesterday I guess?
The problem is the stupid editor doesn't support grammar checks at all and my laptop broke. Also i don't care one bit if it's exactly according to the grammar police.
(2018-09-28, 14:12)Martijn Wrote: [ -> ]... I don't care one bit if it's exactly according to the grammar police.

I don't agree with all of Martijn's comments or points of view, but I'm totally in agreement with this.

I have to admit that in general I am normally a bit of a spelling and grammar fiend in my private life, but certainly not at the level of the internet troll 'grammar nazis'.

As a foreigner living in europe for many years and trying to learn and speak (and live!) new languages (my wife is not a native english speaker), I have to say that one needs to be very reasonable as far as native speakers (or not) are concerned. If we consider an international company, well they have no excuse and should hire correct native speakers for their press releases, etc. Mistakes in these types of things bother me.

On the other hand, with respect to (volunteer) Kodi, Martijn's english will always and forever be 3000% better than my german (I think I have this right...), so who the hell am I to complain if there are a few errors in english? Come on, get real!

There are situations where language should be exact and perfect, but more and more in our global world we should just understand this on a 'common' level and get on with it.

So thanks to Martijn and all other non native english speakers here at the Kodi forums (I know that there are a lot!) who actually make the effort to speak in english in the first place. Oh, and don't forget, they code in english too!

So, think please, before... well, just think always please.

FYI; I'm not a native English speaker myself and in all honesty, I don't care much about grammar in my own language even as long as the meaning is understandable, but I do think that at least the spelling should be correct in a news/blog-post.

Spellcheck probably won't pick up that you spelled VideoLAN wrong though, and I have noticed how a few Team-Kodi members have heckled people who have spelled Kodi wrong.

Anyway, I don't think I have the cached version as I checked both WiFi and 4G connection on two different devices.
Of course obvious mistakes or typos should be fixed. However some comment of the style of writing a sentence and that to me is a totally personal thing.

If you you mean Videolan should be VideoLAN that's just nitpicking. Yes there was one real typo.
Also got rid of the other typos having a laptop at hand.