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Full Version: working visualisation for Kodi 18 (Leia)
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hey guys,
I cannot find any visualisations except spectrum that work on Kodi 18. Any ideas?
Even if it is still beta (or yet?) it would be great to get some visualisations to work.
I test it on a generic x86_64 Libreelec with the latest Milhouse build.
See this thread for why it doesn't work.  Spiff posted a workaround for it but you'll have to edit the systemd kodi.service to add the export.
So glad I found this, thinking it was just a bad upgrade for me and was a day or so away from completely reloading LibreELEC with hopes of solving the problem.  I hope this will be corrected in a future rev.
The title might give a wrong impression. There are some great visualizations and they all work on Windows.
If you're using the RCs, binary addons like visualisations arn't included in the install any longer but must be installed from the Kodi repo.  That being said, Spectrum is the only one working for me on win 7 x64.

scott s.
I have the same problem.
Can you tell me exactly which file I have to update on my LE system and what changes I have to add to the file?
Would be very much appreciated, thanks.
I installed projectM Ver from the LE repository while using LE Ver 8.90.007 ALPHA and it worked fine.  I've since upgraded to 8.90.008 and also saw and updated projectM to  That didn't seem to work for the minute or two of trying, so I rolled back to  .
Hi jasn,

Waveform visualization still is not working for me (LE v8.90.009 ALPHA, Generic build).
My question was actually where (which file) to put the "MESA_GL_VERSION_OVERRIDE=3.0" environment variable that seems to be the workaround of Spiff.
LibreElec is a OS that runs on multiple platforms. ProjectM on the other hand only runs on x86/x64 - please correct me if I'm wrong. So ProjectM will not run on LibreElec per se, just the x86/x64 flavor.
That's interesting @HeresJohnny, thx.

Just to close my own loop, I've upgraded to the latest LE, Ver .010Alpha, and updated to the new projectM...works just fine.