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Full Version: Kodi 18 Beta 2 on Xbox One suddenly broken - no text visible on any screen
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(2018-10-29, 19:05)aerogems Wrote: [ -> ]Also, I know Kodi is a volunteer effort so it's easier said than done, but maybe there should be an effort to always have at least two people familiar with each platform. 
 Really? I wish we would have thought about that years ago cause then we would dozens of devs for each platform/section.  Rolleyes
Not trying to cause any issues, but to confirm I have experienced the same issue on XBOX ONE S at 4K and setting KODI to 1080 resolves my issue.
I haven’t play any game in a while. But this issue surfaced again for me since yesterday’s update. I did try to reset my acc and everything but still happening. Reset three times in 2 days
This is a BETA release so there can and will be problems. If you don't like it you can simply wait until the Final release.
just registerd to say thanks for working on the issue. KODI was the main reason i bought an xbox so it's kinda sad that MS broke the BETA on the last update. hope to see a final release in the near future.
Since my thread was added to the garbage and spam (even though it really wasn't) section, I also wanted to report that I'm undergoing the same situation.
I'm using an Xbox One, Samsung 32" HD TV that only goes up as high as 720p (give me a break). When I first installed Kodi there were no issues, I installed a build that was working fine but as of recently only shows 1/4 mainly the top left of my screen. I managed to get back to Estuary but now I can't even see text. Icons are fine and the actual space of where text could be exists but no actual text.
Hopefully this reply doesn't get deleted so other people can compare and contrast. Hopefully there's a fix soon. Thanks for your time.
Your thread was binned as you stated "I did a fresh install for a NY Build". As the reply posted in that thread said, please read the forum rules (wiki) as we do not support 3rd party builds here as they invariably contain piracy banned addons (wiki) rendering your device unsupported here.

And as you've just re-iterated your build installation in the post above one would suggest you actually take time to familiarise yourself with the rules here that you agreed to and accepted when you signed up. Or else you're just wasting your and everyone elses time.
Thanks for the great customer service. Real professional. When the previous thread was "binned" I couldn't even reach the mod to ask for any help. And after "binning" I did read the rules pinned at the top. Still wasn't sure what exactly I did wrong but again thanks.
Which part of us not supporting builds nor any device containing any banned addons (wiki) wasn't clear?
I'm presuming everyone that's complaining about the service they're not getting from the volunteers on this BETA software have made a fat donation to help the gears keep moving? I know I have.

Maybe if there's a surge of donations this week Kodi can redirect some ducats to the Xbox dev and he/she can be bribed to spend Christmas Eve fixing Microsoft's bug. Smile
For me Kodi doesn't even want to run at all it says "Try again in awhile... Sorry, looks like our service isnt working right. to check xbox live service status, go to https://support.xbox.com"

I went on their support page and kodi isn't even listed as an app on there which might lead me to believe it got deleted off the marketplace. I dont know forsure though! i hope the issue is resolved soon(:
I was able to keep kodi 18 beta 5 working on xbox one X. I was having the same issues as everyone else where Kodi would load fine first time but once I left the app and reopened it I would see no text and Kodi would just fill up about 1/4 of the screen. I deleted the app for the third time but before reinstalling I changed my xbox display output to 1920x1080 instead of 4K. I then reinstalled Kodi and it seems to be working. After several times of closing down app and reopening Kodi I can still see text and everything is working. I'm assuming that if I change the xbox display back to 4k then I will probably end up with the same problem. Honestly though I'm to lazy to check this at the moment and I'm just happy it's working. If anyone does test this let me know what happens. Side note- Kodi on xbox is night and day from the firestick- much better performance!
I obviously am not thrilled that I have to set the new xbox to anything other than 4k but will deal for now until Kodi geniuses can get an update going. Hope this helps some people.
erase the app all together and download it again it will ask you if you want to used that resolution over and over again just keep saying no and that will fix the problem for now
erase the app and nstall again the when it ask you to keep the resolution keep saying no that will fix the problem for you till the next update
I'm not sure what happened, but everything started working fine suddenly. Same version of Kodi.
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