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Full Version: No Text on Screen after Beta 3 instal
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Since install Beta 3 on my Xbox One X I have no text being displayed only Graphics unable to produce Debug Log as I cannot see what I am selecting


Dave Evans
Ok after several blind selections have discovered that the screen text issue is only a problem when the screen resolution is set to either  of the 4k resolutions it seems to work ok when set to 1920 obviously I am unable to create debug file when in the 4k resolution as I cannot see what I am selecting.

Dave Evans
Ok I have managed to start Kodi in 4k with log file enabled with no text displayed on screen and then switch to 1920 mode and text reappears  so I have attached the log file from that kodi startup to switching from 4k to HD, Also I have noticed when you try to select 4k resolution from white list when you start a movie  in a screen resolution of HD from the OSD you get the movie in a 1/4 size window top left of screen.



Dave Evans
Hi I am not sure what feedback I would expect about my reported issue in previous post on this thread with  Log File attached should I receive a acknowledgement that the issue is a Kodi Software problem and is being looked at.


Dave Evans

Your issue has been brought to the attention of the developers. No comment has been made as yet as the issue is still being investigated.
Just to let you know the issue regarding no text being displayed on screen when the screen resolution set to 4k is still an issue with the Kodi Leia Beta 4 I have just updated to on my XBOX ONE X as per my previous issue above.

Dave Evans
I have the same issue on Beta 5 under XBox One

Also in FullHD the refresh rate is not changeable. It swaps always back to the old values and on 720p the text is gone too...
Hi. I'm having the same issue, I would like to provide one additional information.

I have memorized how to navigate to change screen. resolution without seeing texts. If do that, and then revert resolution back, texts will then be displayed normally.

I hope that helps on the investigation, and also those who are struggling with it.

-Eduardo Sousa
experiencing the same thing, 
temporary solution so far is selecting the resolution in then out, Note you do note have to select "Yes"

Go to Settings Gear Icon,
> Down twice > Right Twice > Select.
Right once more > Down Once more > Select.
Up Once more. > Select. (it will select 1080p or 720p depending current resolution.)
When it Prompts to make changes, Select No. It will reset the Text.

I Hope Kodi developers will resolve this issues for Us Xbox One X users,
I Do not experience this on my S, Or original X1 Console.
Hi Just wondered if there is any news from the developers regarding the 4k resolution missing text issues on The Xbox One x 


Dave Evans