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Full Version: Season Name - futur feature ?
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With version 18 of Kodi "Leia" the tag "<namedseason number="1"></namedseason>" must allow to specify the name of season (i've tried with nightly version, it's ok).

I think this tag is very handy, especially for anime collection management.

Is it planned to be integrated in future versions of TMM ? (with the current version, I can only modify the image of the season, not the name)

not planned and unfortunately we've barely time now for doing anything on tmm (tmm is just a hobby of two programmers for 6 years now..)
Thank you for the response !

It's a shame but no problem, for a hobby it's already a wonderful job Smile
I will try to make a little PS script that will do that by retrieving information from my tree, it will make me work a little ^^

Would give +1 for that feature