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Full Version: Skin Helper Question
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Hey.. Really don't know if this correct section but seen as it's on Xbox i presume so.  So i been looking into Skin Helper on Xbox. I came come across two version's. Both Version's are 1.1.24 by "marcelveldt" the only thing different in these versions are the line 42.

However Version A: <extension library="service.py" point="xbmc.service" start="login" />
Version B:<extension library="service.py" point="xbmc.pass" start="login" />

Let me explain by using the versions "A" "B"

Version "A" works perfect. Loads up rating's, logos, wont work on Xbox at all, no matter what. 
Version "B" Shows no rating's no logos, nothing, but works on Xbox No errors in Skin helper. 

I Use Kodi on Xbox like most people with an Xbox and have a Skin Helper Error. Now i look around google for an update to see if it's my version and come across the exact same one as i had but with 1 minor change. The one above. So i thought hey give this a shot anyways.. Low and behold No Skin service error on Xbox..then it show's Version "B".. But on PC it shows Version "A" if you change the "xbmc.pass" to "xbmc.service". Now if you change "xbmc.service" to "xbmc.pass" then you see no errors on the Xbox, it just wont show ratings or, logo's from my library.

is there an explanation to this? or a fix or something out there. its kinda driving me insane trying to get things to work properly.