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Full Version: Hauppauge colossus 2 pvr
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Is there anyway of getting the hauppauge colossus 2 pvr to work with kodi without using nextpvr?

So no one has ever tried this?
Don't know. The question is ambiguous. What are you trying to achieve? Are you looking for a nextpvr replacement or are you hoping for something else?

Your question is better of in the Live TV section of the forum. I will move it there.
Ok thanks for the info and sorry for little detail. I would like to hauppauge card without nextpvr directly within Kodi.

You can achieve this without npvr, but not without some kind of backend.

So you still need a backend since Kodi does not directly handle that part
What kind of backend do I need or should I keep using nextpvr?

If you use npvr and you are not having any issues, why change.