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Hi, I have a very fees-able and simple backup solution for KODI on XBOX ONE.  NFS, BACKUP AND WINNFSD.  NSSM additionally for automatic remounting upon windows reboot.
Also have a few tips for what sources to add for safety sake of backup.  Please let me know if you have interest in me posting it and If you have any additional info.
If you have information or a technique to share that may be of interest to the community then please feel free to post it.

But note if this ends up being just spam, a website advertisement or something similar for a commercial product then that would be a violation of our forum rules (wiki) and is not allowed (and would be removed). I just say this as friendly advice to potentially save everyone's time and effort, just in case Wink
nope just a simple winnfs nssm kodi xbox backup tutorial, hoping to get input on whether or not the backup util from the main repository covers everything on the xbox as well.  Ill get to work writing up my tut and post it soon here

Please don't keep starting threads up on this topic though - keep everything in this one and all will be fine. Your duplicate one has been removed.