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Full Version: Web browser
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I am sorry because this question have been asked many time before.

But is there a good add-on to install a web browser that can be start from Kodi menu.

Despite my search I couldn't find any working solution.

It is for my childrens so I use Kodi from Recalbox OS.

Any help will be welcome.
It has, so apology accepted Smile

Kodi itself only has an add-on for a very basic browser - Web Viewer. This isn't designed really for full surfing, but more for utility of things like entering information into captive portal sites and some basic light viewing of the more simple web pages.

Depending on the capabilities of the OS you're running (I'm not sure what RecalboxOS is) you might be able to install a browser in parallel with Kodi and use a launcher (built-in or add-on) for it, but that's perhaps not quite what you want? But aside from the above there isn't a browser currently built into or available for Kodi.
there is a web browser called CEF (Kodi Chromium Webbrowser) that is still under development, when will it be finished as a final version?