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Full Version: Beta4 not launching Xbox one
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Any one else have an issue with Kodi beta 4 not launching on Xbox one?

Dead in the water since it updated.
Same here...seems to start but returns to xbox home screen immediately...
Exactly what I am seeing
Same here
Same for me.
DON"T UPDATE to beta4 on XBox.

     It caught me by surprise, I'd just cooked a meal, sat down and fired up kodi, and it just quit to dash (repeatedly). I checked my update history and Kodi was the last thing to update so amused an update broke it. Haven't tried uninstalling/re-installing or clearing save data yet as I was too busy wanting to eat my meal before it went cold and didn't fancy setting up all my network and library again at that point, so just grabbed my USB backup hard-rive and used the "Media Player" app to watch something. Hopefully this will be something that can be fixed with an update and it doesn't just want me to clear my save data and start from scratch again. takes a while to get things setup/scanned in etc.

I've seen a few posts suggesting this is caused by a M$ xbox dash update, but I beg to differ. my xbox dash update happened over a week ago and Kodi beta3 was working just fine with it. it only stopped working a week later when Kodi beta4 was pushed out.
Issue identified and fixed at https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/14651.
Sorry...I don't get this....
Same issue  here as well .
@Rechi  ? What does your explanation mean ?  Is there a fix or wait for update?
Same here, dead in the water... waiting for update!
How can I fix it? Need I wait for the update?
Yes, you'll need to wait for an update to fix this.
So we need to wait for beta 5?
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