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Full Version: PathSubstitution for Artist Slideshow? 123
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Hi there,
I am currently using Kodi on my FireTV. As you might know, Space is quite limited, so I try to put everything I can onto my NAS instead of the local device. I already use a MySQL-DB for Movies and Music and also use pathsubstitution for the thumbnails.

Still: Data is using 400MB and I analyzed the directories and files (which is a PITA on the FireTV cause no "vi", no "-h" parameters, ...) I found out that the Artist Slideshow takes quite a lot of space (200MB) . Is it possible to move thee files to my NAS using pathsubstitution (or through a configuration setting), too?
To do it with path subs, you'll need to move the entire addon_data directory (special://profile/addon_data) I think, I'm not sure that special://profile/addon_data/artistslideshow would work (I've never tried that !).

Another option might be that, on Android, you can move the entire userdata directory, although to use a network path, you need to first be able to mount it locally.  https://kodi.wiki/view/Path_substitution...on_Android
Would it not be easier (and faster)  to just stick a fast usb stick in the firetv and run kodi on that?  Remote thumbnails sounds like it would slow things down.

I've used pathsubs for addon data in the past with varying success.  Works for some addons, not for all - no idea why.
I might be biased (since I maintain AS), but by far the easiest thing to do would be to change the Artist Slideshow settings.  When you open the settings look at the first tab of options called SLIDESHOW.  If you set a Local artist folder path (that local path can be a network share as long as you can get to it from the Kodi dialog) and then enable the two options below it (Always use local artist path for image storage and Always use local artist path for service information storage) all your images and the text files that cache information (like artist bio, etc) will be stored remotely.  After you enable those, the first time AS runs it will do it's best to move all the stuff from the addon data directory to the remote storage.  It may miss a few things, but it should get a majority of it.