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Full Version: jsonrpc and getting currently playing movie's poster/thumbnail?
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Hi there.
I am sorry to ask this stupid question, but i have been struggeling to get currently playing movie's thumbnail, if that is possible.
Using Krypton 17.6 for Windows 10.

Viewing butr not understanding JSON-RPC_API/v8 (wiki)

- Current progress in percentage is easy :{"jsonrpc":"2.0","method":"Player.GetProperties","params":{"playerid":1,"properties":["percentage"]},"id":"1"}  
  PlayerID is "always" 1 (playerid:1)

But how to get the poster/thumbnail of current movie (in library ofcourse)

thank you for any help
.. I think i need to ask first Player.GetProperties for currently shown movie's library id? There does not seem to be any property for this?
You want the "Player.GetItem" method with "art" as a property, with a request like:


The resulting item will have an "art" object with art type as keys (like "poster" and "fanart") and the values will be the path or URL to the image encoded as Kodi's internal "image://" path.

To turn that path into a URL that can actually be displayed in another application, you will need to encode it as a URI component (examples are encodeURIComponent in JS and urllib.parse.quote in Python 3), then add that to the end of the "images/" path of the Kodi HTTP server (like http://kodihost:8080/images/). With these URLs you can display images wherever they happen to be stored (you don't have to deal with opening a file over SMB or NFS if they happen to be stored on a NAS next to the media items, for instance).

The final URL will look like 


You can also turn the "image://" URL into a more traditional looking path/URL by chopping off the "image://" up front and the slash at the end and then decoding the rest as a URI component.
(2018-10-22, 22:48)rmrector Wrote: [ -> ]http://kodihost:8080/images

Wonderful! Tryly great thank you! This is why this Forum is Great: You will get an proper answer! Smile Smile