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I only discovered this new version today because Next Up got disabled and marked as "Broken".  I'm using the latest Leia nightly and Aeon Nox Silvo on Windows 10 and get this:


Buttons are correctly aligned if I switch to Estuary but thought I'd mention is here too in case I'm wrong about assuming its a skin issue.
Request time again.  Wink

A new feature has been added to Kodi to enable the hiding of episode thumbs if they're unwatched so could this be added to this addon?

Hide episode thumb if unseen (core wise)

I guess you'd need to read the guisettings and see if option 2 is not enabled for videolibrary.showunwatchedplots and then use OverlaySpoiler.png instead of the episode thumb.

EDIT: Can resolution be added back as well please?

Awesome! Thanks for continuing to develop this add-on.
I was a bit surprised to see the old one stop working today. Thanks for easing the concern.
I miss the after screen, but this is probably more efficient. Smile
Keep going!
Been testing your add-on and it works great, thanks a lot.
A small feature request, is it possible to provide a few different themes to the window? I use estuary as the default skin and having some pink controls on the window looks a bit odd. I'd like to have the progress bar and text in the Kodi estuary colors Smile
Just added support to fTV if you want to update the first post/GitHub?

Up Next (Fire TV new style) -

Up Next simple (Fire TV old style) -

Still Watching -

Still Watching simple -

Where is the GitHub link to this improvement above?
(2018-12-16, 17:59)melons2 Wrote: [ -> ]Hitcher

Where is the GitHub link to this improvement above?
You'll need to be running a nightly build for all the features.

I added support for this addon in Rapier.
Thank you
Hey, I found that out the Trakt addon will not scrobble if i use this addon. It won't even sync to Trakt if I used the addon to watch the episode. Any Help?
(2018-12-21, 16:40)dnlg Wrote: [ -> ]Hey, I found that out the Trakt addon will not scrobble if i use this addon. It won't even sync to Trakt if I used the addon to watch the episode. Any Help?
 it works for me all the episodes were marked watched correctly on trakt
I am not sure if this is a bug happened multiple times so just stating. Korean shows have a lot of double episodes meaining 2 episodes 1 file. Twice it has happened that after playing 2 or 3 double episodes the upnext repeats an episode when you play next. Example Episode 1 and 2 play fine next button correctly shows and plays episodes 3  and 4 but when episode 4 ends and I press the next instead of playing episode 5 episode 3 plays again. I am not sure how to test this as I rarely watch so many episodes in 1 go.
I actually really loved the old style NextUp box pop-up (very similar to your second picture: Up Next simple (Fire TV old style)). Any idea how I can get mine to look like that ? I'm using Confluence.

@im85288 how would I go about changing the "info" that appears on the small pop-up ?
I'd love to be able to replace the "air date" and/or "rating" with the runtime of the next episode, or some other info.

Thanks, love this add-on so much.
Hey @im85288 I've noticed that since using this newer version of your add-on, than now my shows don't sync with trakt as being watched.
I've tried pressing the "play button" to tell it to go to the next episode, as well as let the countdown run-out so it goes to the next episode by itself.
In both cases I get the same issue: the episodes get marked as watched in kodi, but do not get automatically synced as watched in Trakt, like they have been for forever.
Any ideas ?
Hello and thank you for this add-on ,I used next-up since the beginning and I was very happy to discovered a replacement since this one was marked broken.

I just some problem with the new add-on and I never encountered any of these problem with the old one :
- if I press ‘stop’ button when the pop-up appear ,the playback do not stop but instead play the next épisode ,just like if I pressed ‘ok’ button for validate ‘watch now’
- sometimes ,when I press ‘ok’ for valitade ‘watch now’ ,the add-on correctly play the next episode but the pop-up appears again when the next episode begin.

I use the version 1.0 found on the official kodi repository ,I use the Titan MOD skin ,kodi 18rc3 on a Nvidia Shield.
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