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Full Version: Feature request
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hi @ all

my feature request is a "Today" button beside the "date added".
if you click the button your add today’s date and time to "date added"
i did a mockup picture of it

well, why?
the date is either filled with the creation date of the video file (if we are able to get that) or the date where the import into tmm has been done.
why should we change that?
So i have just install TMM today after going ages since TheRenamer stopped working for me... so far i am loving it
1 feature i would love to see is the ability to change the file date to match the release date of the movie

edit extra features i would love to see
it seems when i download a new ep of a show i need to copy it to the correct location, then tell TMM to scrape new items, then select everything and select rename / cleanup selected.
seems like a whole lot of manual handling
i'd love to see TMM monitor a selected location (my completed download folder), identify movie or tv show, move and rename automatically, plus gather subs, artwork, and help make my library neat and complete
So far I am really liking TMM, it has many more features than ViMediaManager which I was using. The one feature that is missing is a 'Print Library' option. I normally print out a copy of my movie list for the living room coffee table, to quickly look to see if I have a specific movie someone asks about, it is a pain to go into my office and fire up the computer and launch TMM just for that. Is that a feature you are thinking about?

PS, I donated as soon as I checked it out, awesome job!

*Update* So 3.0 is out and still no print feature?? Am I the only one who likes to print out a nice coffee table book of my media titles? I am aware of the 'export' options but they are very basic with no formatting available.