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Full Version: MKV cover attachment? Content type Movies, Local information only, Exclude library
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Some Folders I want to make accessible on Kodi, but I do not want them added to the main "Movies" and "TV" folders

So instead I add them as sources in the video/files browser, by setting Content type Movies, Local information only, Exclude library

If .nfo files are present they will be used as well as poster.jpg.

What I am wondering or hoping is that when there is no .nfo files or jpg in the directory, could kodi look for the presence of the cover attachment on mkv files for the poster?

on linux cover artwork is easy to add to a movies without remux like this:

mkvpropedit /media/movies/automobiles.documentary.2018.mkv --add-attachment /media/stuff/cover.jpg
I've got a number of folders in this fashion 'Local information only, Exclude library' specifically 'shorts' which seem to have issues with the scrape but I have added manually to the library. I also have a drive of public domain grabs, You-tubes and one offs that are listing in folder categories with no scraper or listing in the library, but still accessible in Kodi file mode using the favourites function.

Some skins allow direct access to folders via path. e.g Transparency! settings>skin>menu>folder (5 paths available to any drive source )
I really appreciate the response! I am curious to know which skins you might suggest, or are your favorite(s)?

Eager to try out a feature that allows linking a folder straight to the home screen, that sounds awesome, Appreciate it.