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Full Version: context.clean remove
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i need for Kodi 18  because for Kodi  17.6 this addon work flawless -add-on to delete a movie or episode or video cleanly, without leaving behind orphan files.
The kodi "Remove from library" is a nice feature, but only deletes the movie being played. After I started using it, I noticed that I had to manually delete the fanart, the nfo and the subtitles. Or instead ending up with a disk full of unsused garbish.
With this clean remove, a library removal tool that removes the media and all related files.
For all other media types (episodes, music videos and videos) this will only delete the fanart, nfo and subtitles related to the media being removed form the library. Everything else on the same folder is not touched.
Optionally, if it was the last episode on the season/folder, it will delete the folder if it's empty.
This addon exist on internet but work only in kodi 17.6 in kodi 18 ii is instaling but  not showing up in the conext menu