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Full Version: 50hz frame rate switching on Xbox
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I've seen in the known bugs sticky that lack of support for 24hz frame rate is being implemented in a future release, but I don't see anything about 50hz content. I notice pretty obvious stutter on my 50hz media which isn't present on my Rpi3 running OSMC, so I think the Xbox implementation of Kodi lacks the ability to switch the frame rate to allow for smooth playback of 50hz content. Is this also a known issue that is being added in a later version?

Does anyone have any info about this question? This limitation is my main hangup in switching to Kodi on Xbox One as my daily driver and I'm really curious about where we stand on this being implemented. The sticky threads indicate that at least 24hz implementation is coming "in a later SDK update," but who knows when this is? And is 50hz included? Just hoping someone here knows a lot more than I do about this.
Read carefully. It's already as fixed.

It is not limited to 24Hz. In Kodi settingsyou set on whitelist frame rates supported by your TV.
You can select 50Hz on the whitelist along with 24Hz.
Doesn't work for me on latest release on Xbox. Video still stutters when content is 50hz despite being whitelisted. No such issue for 24hz or 60hz content. Didn't see anywhere that specifically noted 50hz was working despite doing what I thought was relatively thorough reading...in any event it doesn't work for me.
Just don't understand what I'm doing wrong here. I can play 50hz files on my raspberry pi running OSMC/Kodi 17, but cannot get 50hz to run on Leia on my Xbox One. The file will stutter if I don't have the 1080 50hz whitelisted, but when I whitelist it, the file continues to stutter with the addition of audio cutting out every 2 seconds or so. Not sure what the difference is between the rendering on my pi vs xbox, but something is keeping it from working correctly. I've changed every setting I can think of/find on Kodi on my Xbox, but nothing seems to change. Also, what's the story with the implementation of the "whitelist", that setting doesn't even exist on the older version of Kodi I'm running on my pi. It used to just be automatically sync playback to display...