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Full Version: enigma2 pvr nightly
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connecting and retrieving channel lists and epg works flawlessly
but neither downloading the picons nor playing them will work with the current enigma2 pvr version.
the picons are missing the path setting (get picons from webif is not always possible)

this refers directly to a dreambox 900

the enigma2 pvr plugin was installed directly from the repository

the v17.6 works with the vu+ variant
version from today all fixed ...
again not working with 3.15.1

starts with unknown error
....habe das gleiche Problem! Die PVR App hatte noch mit Kodi 18 Beta2 funktioniert. Nach der Umstellung mit Beta3 (von 90MB auf 60MB) hat die Liveübertragung bzw. Einrichtung nicht mehr funktioniert.
You need version 3.15.2

There is a PR open for it currently. Once approved and merged the new version with the dreambox fix will be in there.
thanks i will try it with my 900UHD box on the shield
i have added this to my xml

the .2 update is still not available via online update
Until the PR is approved it will not be available. This can take time at the moment at the main devs are all busy with finalising kodi 18.
still fails to start with 3.15.4
(2018-12-30, 16:07)gorgone Wrote: [ -> ]still fails to start with 3.15.4

Can you post a full debug log?
09:23:33.340 T:123145349472256 NOTICE: ES: Starting UDP Event server on port 9777
09:23:33.340 T:123145349472256 NOTICE: UDP: Listening on port 9777 (ipv6 : false)
09:23:33.577 T:123145345179648 NOTICE: AddOnLog: Enigma2 Client: pvr.vuplus - Open - VU+ Addon Configuration options
09:23:33.577 T:123145345179648 NOTICE: AddOnLog: Enigma2 Client: pvr.vuplus - Open - Hostname: ''
09:23:33.577 T:123145345179648 NOTICE: AddOnLog: Enigma2 Client: pvr.vuplus - Open - WebPort: '80'
09:23:33.577 T:123145345179648 NOTICE: AddOnLog: Enigma2 Client: pvr.vuplus - Open - StreamPort: '8001'
09:23:33.577 T:123145345179648 NOTICE: AddOnLog: Enigma2 Client: pvr.vuplus - Open Use HTTPS: 'false'
09:23:33.807 T:123145345179648 ERROR: AddOnLog: Enigma2 Client: pvr.vuplus - Open It seem's that the webinterface cannot be reached. Make sure that you set the correct configuration options in the addon settings!
09:23:33.807 T:123145345179648 ERROR: ADDON: Dll Enigma2 Client - Client returned bad status (1) from Create and is not usable
That’s just a standard log, not a debug log. All it says is there was some undescribed error on addon start. Plus it’s nowhere near being a full log.

To get a debug log please do the following:

- Enable debug logging in kodi settings
- Restart
- Ssh to kodi box and use pastebinit (or some other log tool) to get a log URL “cat kodi.log | pastebinit”
- Post that URL here
on pc is ok only on macos is the problem ... maybe compile error ?
where is the log file on macos `?
its not in the .app folder

here is also some not fetched datas
full info (http://ip/#!/extras/deviceinfo)

/usr/lib/enigma2/python/Plugins/Extensions/WebInterface/web/deviceinfo.xml                                                2248/2248              100%
<e2:screen name="DeviceInfoWebScreen">&lt;?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
        <e2enigmaversion><e2:element source="EnigmaVersion"><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element></e2enigmaversion>
        <e2imageversion><e2:element source="ImageVersion"><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element></e2imageversion>
        <e2webifversion><e2:element source="WebIfVersion"><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element></e2webifversion>
        <e2fpversion><e2:element source="FpVersion"><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element></e2fpversion>
        <e2devicename><e2:element source="DeviceName"><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element></e2devicename>

        <e2frontends><e2:element source="Frontends"><e2:convert type="web:ListFiller" >
                        &lt;e2name><e2:item name="Name" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2name>
                        &lt;e2model><e2:item name="Type" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2model>
                &lt;/e2frontend></e2:convert><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element>

        <e2network><e2:element source="Network"><e2:convert type="web:ListFiller" >
                        &lt;e2name><e2:item name="Name" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2name>
                        &lt;e2mac><e2:item name="Mac" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2mac>
                        &lt;e2dhcp><e2:item name="Dhcp" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2dhcp>
                        &lt;e2ip><e2:item name="Ip" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2ip>
                        &lt;e2gateway><e2:item name="Gateway" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2gateway>
                        &lt;e2netmask><e2:item name="Netmask" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2netmask>
                        &lt;e2method6><e2:item name="Method6" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2method6>
                        &lt;e2ip6><e2:item name="Ip6" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2ip6>
                        &lt;e2gateway6><e2:item name="Gateway6" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2gateway6>
                        &lt;e2netmask6><e2:item name="Netmask6" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2netmask6>
                &lt;/e2interface></e2:convert><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element>

        <e2hdds><e2:element source="Hdd"><e2:convert type="web:ListFiller">
                        &lt;e2model><e2:item name="Model" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2model>
                        &lt;e2capacity><e2:item name="Capacity" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2capacity>
                        &lt;e2free><e2:item name="Free" filter="xml"/>&lt;/e2free>
                &lt;/e2hdd></e2:convert><e2:convert type="web:TextToHTML" /></e2:element>

@gorgone Log file should be here:

Also, the error you get in the log looks like it can’t connect to the web interface.
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