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Full Version: Subtitle searches produce no results or inaccurate results
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I'm new to TMM, but I'm hooked already. I have a couple of issues that maybe someone can enlighten me on. First, when doing searches for subtitles, it will often bring up incorrect episodes (and in automatic mode, select them apparently) Here is a SS: (this isn't necessarily one I had issues with, just an example for the post) 


Also, from time to time, searching for subtitles yields only a "nothing found" result, when I know there are many results. Sometimes I have to hit SEARCH a few times to get results and sometimes I must close the app and restart in order to get results again. Is there any way to indicate that the API is either not connecting with the database or something similar instead of just saying, "Nothing Found?"

Again, if this is just noobness on my part, I apologize. If there is a setting I can change, I would appreciate the help. Thanks.
search dialog has been fixed for next release.
Feel free to test latest nightly build for some more errors Smile
Lol, I'm not that brave. Love your work though. I can't wait for the new stable release. I think I'm going to have to send another donation though because your program has made short work of my library and made Kodi virtually flawless. My friend came over and commented on how nice my library looked and wanted his to look like that so I'll be introducing him to TMM as well. I finally just got the unofficial Alexa skill for Kodi to work too so things are just working out for once.