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Full Version: Album tracklist in MusicVisualisation.xml
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I'm wondering if it's possible to have the tracklist from a music view display the same info on the back of a jewel box image in a music player layout. I'm trying to use the following...
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">0</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd0</param>
 <include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">1</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd1</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">2</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd2</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">3</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd3</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">4</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd4</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">5</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd5</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">6</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd6</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">7</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd7</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">8</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd8</param>
<include content="Tracklp">
    <param name="ordert">9</param>
    <param name="fontt">bcd9</param>

Here is the include from IncludesMusic.xml...
<include name="Tracklp">
        <param name="ordert" />
        <param name="fontt" />
            <control type="textbox">
                <visible>String.EndsWith(ListItem.DBID,$PARAM[ordert]) + String.IsEqual(skin.string(vis_layout),style3D)</visible>
                <label>$INFO[Window(Home).Property(SkinHelper.ListItem.Tracks.Formatted)][CR][CR]      $LOCALIZE[180]: $INFO[Window(home).Property(SkinHelper.ListItem.Duration)]</label>

Thanks in advance for taking a look.
The SkinHelper props only are filled with the value of the current focused item.
OK. Thanks sualfred!
I was able to create the tracklist by using MusicPlayer.offset.

That looks awesome!

Don't forget TheAudioDB now supports back covers though. So it is possible to see the tracklists how they were published originally.

See an example here: https://www.theaudiodb.com/album/2113897
Do you mean something like that?  Wink

Awesome Smile

Thanks! I was not aware that TheAudioDB could do that...thanks for the info!


Hey bud! That looks sweet! If you don't mind, would you PM me the info on how you implemented that?
Huh ... there's no mystery... just using Player.Art(album.back) and Player.Art(album.spine) in MusicVisualisation.xml
Cool thanks @manfeed I managed to add this to my Estuary Mod Music screen Smile


A couple of bonus questions for any skinners.... do you know how I center an image horizontally?

Also how do I rotate an image with an animation?
@docwra ...do you know how I center an image horizontally?

Do you mean something like that?

<control type="image">
<aspectratio align="center">stretch</aspectratio>
<texture background="true">mask82.png</texture>

...how do I rotate an image with an animation?

<animation type="Conditional" condition="System.IdleTime(3)" reversible="false">
<effect type="rotatey" center="1212" start="0" end="180" time="1600" tween="quadratic" easing="out" />

This animation will wait 3 seconds and rotate the image 180 degrees, the most important part is the parameter "center", it has to do with the size of your image and its position... good luck tinkering with that, it's not easy to get the desired effect... Wink

I uploaded a back image to theaudiodb.com of one of my albums. I added the following to my 3D music view...
<control type="image">
<aspectratio align="center" aligny="center">stretch</aspectratio>
<texture diffuse="spin/mask_cover3.png" background="true">$INFO[Window(Home).Property(Player.Art(album.back))]</texture>

Is this correct, or should it just be $INFO[Player.Art(album.back)] because i don't see the back image I uploaded.  Also, do I need to install the TheAudioDB Album Scraper Addon?
As extended music artwork is very new, you will need to enable the latest version of Universal Album Scraper and enable back covers in the settings.

You will also need to add this to your advancedsettings.xml file in userdata folder:
Quote:        <albumextraart>

As always, you will need to enable "fetch additional artwork and information" in the music source settings to run this scraper.

After scraping, you can confirm it worked by going to the album info and "select artwork" GUI popup. You should see the new art in there and be able to change it if wanted. Assuming TADB has a back cover of course, so far its only a few users uploading them so a lot of work is still needed to fill popular albums.

NOTE: Alternatively you can use the Artwork Beef Add-on which will download and create these extra artwork types for you, but the above now works natively in Kodi without the Add-on needed any more.

I installed the latest Universal Album Scraper (v3.1.1) this morning and enabled the back covers and spines. I'll give the rest of this a try when I get home this evening. Thanks for the info!

1. Last night I uploaded the back cover to Billy Joel's album Greatest Hits, Volume III: 1986-1997 to theaudiodb.com.
2. I enabled back cover and spine in Universal Album Scraper.
3. I added the albumextraart info to advancedsettings.xml.
4. I enabled "fetch additional artwork and information".
5. I ran "query info for all albums", but I still don't see the back cover.

Update...it took about 5 minutes and I noticed the spine started displaying on the music player.  To get the back cover to display I had to use SkinHelper.Player.Art.ThumbBack.  How exactly do I use Player.Art(album.back) and Player.Art(album.spine) in MusicVisualisation.xml?
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