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Full Version: How to recover remote in Ubuntu 18.04
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I have an Xbox360 remote with custom button configuration that I have used on many vesions of Kodi/Ubuntu since XBMC. 

I just installed Ubuntu 18.04 withKodi 17.6 to prepare for when 18 is available but now have no remote control. Google indicates there are a few different fixes but none specific that I see to Kodi.

I instaled ir-keytable but apparently there is more I must do and have no clue where to begin. From what I have read I may have to start from ZERO reconfiguring evey button , which would be difficult as I see it.

When I run ir-keytable -t I see no activity from remote. 

I have all files where they would have been for 16.04

Thanks in advance
Take a look at this blog post. I think it will solve your problem.