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Full Version: **** READ FIRST- Library and Scraping Problems ****
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If you are seeking assistance for Library and Scraping issues, then read the following before posting in the forum.

1. 95% of the reported scraping problems are directly attributable to user errors.
  1. Follow the guide to ensure you have correctly named and saved your files...HOW-TO:Create_Video_Library (wiki)
  2. Check for common errors in scraping... Scraping Problems (wiki)
  3. Ensure your scrapers are updated to the latest version by first updating the Repository... Left Sideblade Menu (wiki)
  4. v18 introduced reading Video file Tags. If your files are correctly named but refuse to scrape, go to Settings>Media Settings>Videos and ensure the setting Use video tags is disabled (you may need to change your settings level to see it)
  5. If new episodes are not being added to existing TV Shows, or you are re-adding shows using NFO Files, read this... https://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=323588
  6. "TheMovieDB-TVShows" replaced "TheTVDB" as the default scraper during Nov 2018. If you originally scraped with TVDB and are now rebuilding your library with NFO Files, ensure the correct scraper is active.
  7. If you are using a Media Manager to create NFO Files which do not scan or scan incorrectly into the Kodi library, then you should first direct your question to the developers of the media manager.
  8. TVDB uses the Year for season numbers in some TV Shows (eg s1970e01). TheMovieDB does not use this system, it only uses simple season numbers (eg s01e01).
  9. If using MySQL/MariaDB and some hugely popular movies/tv shows refuse to scrape, yet others scrape ok read here... https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/issues/15768

2. If you are still experiencing issues after following the above, we require the following information to be submitted with your question.
  1. Provide a clear and concise description of the problem
  2. Submit a Debug Log which captures the scraping of the problem show. (Full logs only. Anything else will be rejected)
  3. If you are using a shared MySQL/MariaDB setup, be sure to specifically mention that fact.
  4. If you are using NFO files, provide one tvshow.nfo file and one episode nfo file from the problem tv show, or provide the nfo file for the movie.
  5. Provide the links to the problem Movies/TV Shows at the scraper site
    * If you are using TheMovieDB scraper site for Movies or TV Shows, search here... https://www.themoviedb.org/
    * If you are using TheTVDB scraper for TV Shows, search here... https://www.thetvdb.com/
    * If you are using the Universal Movie Scraper for Movies the metadata comes from both IMDB and TheMovieDB so both links will be required
    * If you are using a different scraper to those mentioned above, then provide the correct link to the correct site
    * Note: Do not automatically check IMDB for information. The default scrapers do not use IMDB