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Full Version: Video Library Issues on Beta 5
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Anyone else having issues with the Video Library no longer saving movie info?

I can add a movie to my library just fine through "Scan for New Content". Movies scrape and show as being added to the library. Eventually I exit Kodi and the next time I start it none of those newly added movies are in my library.

One new thing I've noticed is a message on startup saying "Database Migration in Process". Is this part of the issue? I don't wanna hafta rescan my library as it is extensive. I've been using Kodi since it was XBMC on the OG Xbox and my library is, let's say "time consuming" to rescan.
(2018-11-01, 07:31)UraFarquad Wrote: [ -> ]my library is, let's say "time consuming" to rescan.
Import-export_library (wiki)

Provide a Debug Log which captures the problem