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Full Version: Universal movie scraper - IMDb cast not shown
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I have a problem with scraping credits information from IMDb. 
My Universal movie Scraper addon is set up as followed: for 'credits - cast' I use 'IMDb'. 
But lately when I add a new movie to my library some actor 'roll playing' names are missing, not the reall name but the name they play in the movie. 
Like you probably know, when you go to the IMDb website, some of those names are blue (and u can click on it) and some of those names are black. Only those black names aren't visible in kodi. 
When I use in the addon the function 'IMDbFull' all the 'roll playing' names, black and blue, are shown in kodi. But I'm not intressted to have the full cast list in my kodi library. 
Why doesnt it works when I select 'IMDb'? It used to work that way for years...

Can someone help me out here please? 
I would be very thankfull!

Kind Regards,