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Full Version: Universal Movie Scraper - Language Settings.
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I'm using this scraper from time, and I really like it.
There is however a minor problem, that is related to the settings of language options.
Suppose that you like to get informations (all informations, in a given language (IT) for example). I really like
to have a SINGLE point of configuration in the preferences of the scraper to do it. Not in more than 10 places.
Another, maybe better way, is to take as the default language for everything inside the scraper the language of
the kodi interface (if it is possibile programmatically to get info about it). 
The idea, is that users tipically likes movie title in their language, covers in their language, etc. etc. And eventually
if someone do not like this, can change/override the single option. While the single global option affect in a single
point all language related configuration.
or else, just don't re-install Kodi and/ or the scraper every day and then this will not be a big annoyance. The idea is to provide freedom to the user to choose language for every settings. E.g. I want plot on my own language, but everything else (covers included) in English.
I set my UMS settings something like 3-4 years ago and didn't need to touch it since, whilst my library is quite active and adding movies almost every day.
Although I set the UMS plot language to themoviedb.org de it still downloads english.
Any ideas on that? I think that UMS is not used for scraping.
There must be a setting to use UMS instead of themoviedb scraper, I think that is the problem.

Thank you.
I have the same problem: I set all IT but the description (i.e. when I select a film and read the plot) its in english, not italian.

How to fix It?
Set language on the source, not in addons manager.