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Full Version: Hello everyone, this is my first skin and i hope you like it !
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My skin is unnamed for the moment, perhaps chameleon or if you have any ideas !
I am french and i am sorry for my english !!!
So, a few pictures from the skin, if you like it, i can post more !

More pics, please Smile
Thank you verry much for your reply.
What do you think about "chamaleon" for this skin ?
You can change the global colors and wallpaper from any window in the skin. 
Just a hint...
If you would like users to test that skin, then you should also provide a link where one is able to download it.

And for the reason this is all "free and open source" it would be nice if you would share a link to the source-code. Github is a good location to place your code. Others will be able to look at it and probably contribute to it.

Ignore the above if that thread is only meant for showing what you have done Wink
I post the thread with WIP mention, the skin is not ready to use for others, more window are unfinished.
I just posted to know if the skin can be appreciated from other people.
I am really sorry for my english but i do my better !!!!!
Nothing to excuse. All fine. Feel welcome to ask for feedback for your skin as much as you like Wink
A video is better than a lot of images, so here it is !

(2018-11-03, 14:06)bidaine.michel Wrote: [ -> ]A video is better than a lot of images, so here it is !
Your new skin is refreshing and the video is catchy with the uptempo music.

Sadly though, you also are promoting/using an add-on for your videos which is on Kodi's banned add-ons list.

So kindly remove the current Youtube demo, and stick to screenshots for now.
You can always include an updated Youtube demo with one or more official video sources.
Very nice skin! Do you plan to share it ?

I would also be interested to know how you can have access to TV en direct ? Do you use Catchup TV addon ?
Wow!.....Looking like a very nice skin.
Well Done! Smile
Any news about your skin? :)