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Full Version: This games isn't compatible with any available emulators. No cores available?
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I tried so far with a SNES, GBA and PS1 games on both Android and Windows using the latest Kodi Leia Beta 4 version, yet it seems impossible to make any game work. It seems like the cores are all missing or I cannot find them in the repos. How does it works? Do you have to manually compile each core to be able to use it or is there some kind of hidden repo that works? I cannot find any information about it, from the few instruction videos I've seen everything just works there.

Can anybody help out?
We're tansitioning our infrastructure right now. cores will have to come from our repos, but we need some python and CI work before this happens. check back later and things should be working better!
Oh, ok. Thank you for the information! Kodi is really shaping up amazingly! Super excited about the new features. Thanks for the great work!