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Full Version: Scraping problem. Uses data from TMDB instead of IMDB.
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This is my settings
I want all data from IMDB except certain data(title etc)

This is the settings I use when I scrape

Most of the data succesfully scraped from IMDB. Some of the data are scraped from TMDB ONLY.
My guess is that when scraping from IMDB, it timed out and settle with TMDB.

Is it possible for it to not use TMDB? If I remove the check box to use TMDB, the title it scraped from IMDB would be bad.

do you have the scraper fallback active?

IIRC the code of the IMDB scraper only takes the following items from TMDB (if active!)
// title
// original title
// tagline
// plot
// collection info
Where can I find this scraper fallback active?
First screenshot Wink
untick "use TMDB fallback" on IMDB scraper settings,
and/or even globally untick the scraper fallback there...