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Full Version: Zattoo PVR -> Kodi Crashes
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since yesterday my kodi crashes a few seconds after start. Problem is the Zattoo PVR. It does not matter witch version i use 18 beta 3 -5 and is does net matter witch OS is use. i deacivated the PVR addon an kodi runs stabil. Now i can't use the PVR /live TV. so i switched to the Video Addon Zattoo Box. Not nice but it works. 

Do anyone else have this problem? 

I was researching: 1 year ago there was a similar Problem with the Video Addon. Maybe Zattoo change something yesterday (7.11.2018)?
Same problem here. If starting without network Kodi runs normally. If starting with network Kodi crashes after few seconds again and again until booting into safe mode. Disabling the Zattoo PVR client resolves the problem (with loss of any Live TV feature). Last Log entry was EPG thread started. May be the EPG format changed ?

Regards, Heino

Edit: as commented on Github there seems to be a (fixed) null ptr issue in the EPG code part of the addon. May be a fixed version, which may avoid this kind of crash, will be released soon ;-)