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Full Version: Sega Master System Controller Profile (and other stuff)
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Since the Emulator Plugins are finally live and Retroplayer is now open for the Masses, i thought I give it another try and hell yeah it is very promising. Thanks to garbear and all the people contributing to it.
I have however found some Problems, this is regarding Controller Profiles. I am not sure if I completely understood the concept:
Those Controller Profiles seems to fit to purposes, 1. map Buttons for the actual hardware i.e. if I connect a real NES Controller, I can map this, or 2. If I have a generic (i.e. 360 Controller) I can map it ingame virtually to the real hardware ?
The latter ones is giving me problems here. First thing I tried was playing Sega Master System games, but since it has no dedicated Emulator, i have to choose between the 2 Multiplattform Emulators which covers SMS,GG,GEN,SX32. But here, I can't choose the SMS Profile, Only 6 Button GEN and GEN Mouse available. This leads to Problems, since the mapping for SMS within the Emulator seems to be quiet different, I ended up having Button 2 as left Shoulder Trigger. So I was wondering if a) the Game gear and Sega Master profiles could be added to the Multiplattform Emulators as well and b) in the meantime, is there a way for me to manually add them as Profile? I hope they are somehow just added by some config file.
Oh and also, there is a 4 Button Genesis Controller as well, I won't mind to create one myself, but how would I do that? An Amiga CD32 Controller Profile is also missing, wouldn't mind to help out here either.

Other Questions left:
Can I somehow disable the auto savestate load game feature? I see how this is nice, but for me it is unfortunately also rather annoying to reset the machine every time i wnat to start a new game.
Is there already a list with possible controller actions available somewhere? I looked into the joystick.xml and found some interesting Actions, (Savestate change etc) but they where commented, so i wonder will they even work?
ok, seems i found the files to edit, i am now able to configure the SMS Controller within GenPlus. However, how can I actually change the profile to use the sms controller? Whenever I select Master System Controller Profile, it clearly won't be used within the emulator, it still uses the genesis config.

Also if someone can provide me a dummy guide for git, and point me to the repos i have to fork, i might be able to make a "pull request(?)" so everyone benefits. (I am going to create some more controller profiles after i found out how to use my sms profile ;-)

One more thing, i edited those buttonmap.xml files, what is the subclass label within the controller tags for?

Almost forgot one thing, and this gives me some headache:
The SMS Controller is also not complete. it may look like it is, but it isn't
The reason is, Sega decided to have an additional Button on the Console itself. Pause Button. Now with the genesis Profile, this accidentally works, because the Gen Controller has all that buttons. But with a SMS Conroller, this won't work. If I add that key to the SMS Controller, it still would be missing on the gfx...
How could that be handled?