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Full Version: Just a short question on moving music folder
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Say I want to move my music from /media/mp3/ to /media/mp3/music (new HD), do I have to also rebuild the database? 
What would be the easiest way to move my music to a new subfolder without a need to rescan?
Might be easier to move it from /media/mp3/ to /media/music/  and then symlink /media/music to /media/mp3  That way, the paths in the database will still work otherwise yes, a re-scan would be needed.
Long time no see @Uatschitchun Smile
I know that your music collection is vast hence wanting to avoid a rescan, but rescanning is also the simple way AND you could upgrade to v18 too. You would possibly want to export art and NFO first as well of course.

But, unlike politicians, I will try to answer the question of how to move your source without rescanning.

EDIT: Better solution is as suggested by Troggy 2791413 (post) I never knew Kodi could do that Smile
Ignore my data messing suggestions below!

It entails editing the database, so take a backup etc. (and what follows is for expert users only, don't complain if it goes wrong and I am writing theoretically I have never done this myself).  There are a few places to look:

Path table
strPath field will need modifying. There is no way to correct the hash value (of path and timestamp), so I believe if you ever later do hit "Update Library" it will see the hashes as mismatching and rescan everything.

Art table
If you have any local art (e.g. in album folders) then the url field will need modifying. That will be obvious. If you have art embedded in music files then url filed will also need modifying, but less obvious to spot as it is encoded and could look like
image://[email protected]%3a%5cMusic%5cLib%5cSoundtracks%5cJohn%20Barry%5cMoviola%5c01%20Out%20of%20Africa.flac/

In v18 the source and source_path tables will also need modifying.

The sources.xml file (in userdata folder ) will also need editing

Good luck!
If it were me I'd at least try a path substitution.  All it take is 2 minutes to make a few lines in advancedsettings.xml.
If it works you can update 'properly' at your leisure.
FWIW my whole (video) library has been pathsubbed (deliberately) for years, with zero issues (that I've noticed).