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Full Version: Does Xbox One version support 4K hdr?
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I’ve been considering upgrade my tv. I want to know if the beta 5 supports 4K hdr on Xbox one x.
It should, since the Xbox One X supports both 4K and HDR (and DolbyVision). However, right now there's two major issues with Kodi on the Xbox.
  1. In an update a month or two ago, Microsoft broke something with Kodi so after the first time you run Kodi, all text is missing from the UI. Supposedly the issue has been isolated, but the Xbox dev for Kodi is busy with his real life (who said he could have one of those anyway  Tongue ) so we're left waiting for either the dev to have some time to put in the fix or Microsoft to fix whatever it is they broke. 
  2. If you have an AVR or multi-channel sound bar, the way the Xbox sends audio essentially keeps the AVR from being able to upmix the audio if it's only stereo. You can use Kodi's "upmix stereo audio" feature to work around this, but it won't have any impact on apps like Netflix and Prime Video. 
The first issue should be fixed sooner or later; not sure if the second one will ever be fixed, but it shouldn't stop you from upgrading your TV. A growing number of games support HDR, so it's not just for movie playback.
(2018-11-17, 01:45)JimmyRespawn Wrote: [ -> ]I’ve been considering upgrade my tv. I want to know if the beta 5 supports 4K hdr on Xbox one x.

It supports 4K but doesn't support HDR pass through, Kodi will use HDR->SDR conversion for 4K HDR content.
Hi, I tried a HDR movie on a Xbox One X yesterday (fullHD ripped from UHD) on a SDR fullHD tv. If DXVA2 was allowed the image was similar to the old red and blue 3D films - as if the movie was rendered twice but with a small offset so no complete overlap. Once I disabled DXVA2 the problem disappeared (a thin green line at the bottom of the movie was introduced but apart from that it worked ok). I assume it’s Microsoft’s problem with DXVA implementation again, just wondering why I didn’t find anyone else with the same problem.