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Full Version: Compilation Add-On pvr.rtl.radiofm
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Hi !

Hello !
I have a issue with the compilation, a error message appears :

Here the log :


Can you help me please, I try many thinks ...

Thanks Smile
Please note that we prefer to have (bigger) log snippets as well as full log files provided via a text pastebin website, rather than splatter the contents onto our forum directly. We like to keep our forum server nice and tidy.

Thanks in advance Smile
Sorry for that, I corrected.
Any idea guy ?
Would this be better placed in either the music add-ons support section or the PVR one?

From its name/title it doesn't look like a video add-on specifically?

If it is in the wrong place let us know and one of the mods/admins can move it.
Oh yes, sorry for the mistake, it's a audio add-on.

Thread moved to music add-ons.
Any ideas ? Smile