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Full Version: No PVR'S
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I just updated to the latest nightly on Kodi 18 and can't find the PVR'S?
Moved to PVR forum.

They are no longer installed by default. They are now installed like any other add-on in the repository.

Add-ons > Install from repository > PVR Clients
Thanks, found them.
Thread marked solved.
I'm sorry.
This is the first time I've used Kodi.
But I don't have the PVR Client repository.
I've been looking for two days....
if your using leia18 , its in the kodi repo
Thank you for your answer.
in which repository is it?
Videos, programs?
I search, but I found nothing!
I've no PVR Client repository
I'm sorry for my English.
system -addons- install from repository-kodi add-ons repository-pvr clients.
leia rc-1
Sorry, but I've not repository-pvr clients.

This is all that I've :

Hi Obélix, which version of Kodi are you running ?
The PVR clients have been moved to repository only since Kodi 18.
Before that they were all built in.
I'm using kodi 18.
So, in which repository can I find it?
Because event in Krypton I hadn't PVR CLIENT (on my PC Manjaro) but on my Androïd's TV, in Krypton, the add-on is there!
On my side: Kodi 18RC1/RC2 on windows 10, I have the PVR plugins in the official 'Kodi Add-on repository' under:
'Clients enregistreur video' 
Strange thing, is that it's located between 'Apparence' and 'Extension Image' on my version but I can't see that in you picture…
You will have to ask the big guys as I don't understand why you can't see this category
OK, I get it. You are using Linux.
In that case it seems normal and you should have a look here: https://kodi.wiki/view/Linux_FAQ

The official statement was: "Binary repository is currently available for Android, OSX and Windows. For Linux you still have to use the PPA and iOS and UWP will continue to include the binary add-ons in the installer because of platform limitations and for now nothing changes."
I upgraded to the latest v18 RC and lost my PVR.  I look and find the IPTV simple client enabled and configured but still no TV on the main menu.  What am I missing?
I followed the path to the PVR section in the Kodi repository and I show:
PVR IPTV Simple Client
It is enabled and configured but still no TV section appears.  What am I missing?
Now on Kodi 18 RC4.
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