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Full Version: OSD for MKV with chapters.
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Great skin, neat and elegant.
I would like to ask for a feature that would make it even better.
Is it possible when an MKV video with chapters is playing to bring up (by pressing a botton or shortcut) an OSD that allows to scroll chapters?
The chapter which is playing should have the focus and placed in the center of the screen, preceded and followed by a number of other chapters.
Thumbnails would not be necessary as chapters have a text that describes their content, so I would show a great number of chapters (11?) on the screen instead, this would give a better oversight of the whole content.
Currently bookmarks allow you to get something like that, but with some incoveniences.
"Create New Bookmark" button has the focus when you open the OSD so you have to press ArrownDown before scrolling chapters.
Displaying the play time is not really useful as texts describe chapters, I would leave space to show longer chapters name instead.
Bookmark buttons takes room for nothing because I just want to navigate chapters already created.