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Full Version: 6: Kodi never displays the logo
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I have all series with a logo.png-file in the folder to be displayed in Kodi but Kodi never displays the logo. The file is referenced in the nfo-file. What am I doing wrong?
What's with the title?

Anyway, you have to use a skin that supports extra artwork.
(2018-11-19, 16:04)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]What's with the title?
 Hi, I accidentally hit ENTER before completing the title and did not find a way to alter the title.
(2018-11-19, 16:04)Hitcher Wrote: [ -> ]Anyway, you have to use a skin that supports extra artwork.
I am using an Aeon skin and it displays questionmarks in round buttons instead of any logo. So I thought it would surely be supporting this?
If you want to change the thread title, do a full edit on your original first post in it and you can change it on that screen.
Name the file logo.png (no dash) put it in the movie folder, load up a skin that support logo's and go into the skin settings to enable the logo's to be shown (logo's are also 'view' dependant) and choose a view that supports it.