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Full Version: Artist Sortname (possible) Issues
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I've been doing some testing /usage with artist sortname in use.  I have couple things I see that I think might be issues:

1.  I don't seem to be able to change artist art in the artist info dialog -- might be related to using artist info folder tree?
2. The <shift><letter> jump in lists doesn't seem to use the sortname, or at least I get unexpected results.

scott s.
2. Indeed, <shift><letter> jump in lists does not use the sortname, it is always name based. I couldn't see where this was processed so left it alone, but would look at for v19 if you have some hints.

1. I need some more details
I need to look more closely.  Mostly what I am doing is I did a skin mod so that when Kodi is set to use artist sortname, in artist lists I display $INFO[ListItem.Property(Artist_Sortname)] ($INFO[ListItem.Label]) which works well, but shows you problems with bad sortname data.  So I have been working through my library cleaning up sortnames (I think I have pulled some bogus artistsort tag data from MB that doesn't help).  What I do is add sortname to my artist info source nfo files (don't want to fool around with tags for this) then refresh from artist info dialog.  It was while doing this refresh I have tried also to change thumbnail or fanart in some cases.  I will try to determine exactly how to re-create.

I want to rebase my skin dev environment to RC1 (Kodi GUI was bumped for RC1 so I need to get things updated and push a release to my user base).

scott s.