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Full Version: Is there a diffrence between win10 and Android builds?
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Because I have Connected with my Google Drive (with the two builds) and they showing me two different nummers of files. And it is the same path on my Google Drive.
If you are talking about the windows 10 UWP version compared to the Android version, then they are different, mainly because Windows UWP wont have visibility of all file types, so I assume your google drive shows less files with the windows version. this is a Microsoft enforced "feature", not a Kodi bug.
No, Windows 10 (KODI downloaden from Windows store) sees more files from Google Drive than Android ((Smartphone)(KODI downloaden from Google Play store). Note: Windows 10 = KODI 17.6 and Android = KODI 18). Windows sees 9 'movies more than Android version.
Ah, I was talking about windows 10 UWP which is only available in kodi18 beta. Not sure what the issue could be between standard windows version and android version.

Possible a codec that android cant play, so isn't visible?

On Android, are you viewing google drive via the "Videos" section in kodi?
if so can you try viewing google drive via "File browser" in kodi (Not video/files mode), to see if it can see the files present?
If you can see them in the kodi file browser you can force kodi to pick them up as videos using advancedsettings.xml file.
You can "Add" file types that kodi will associate as a video file

Section 2.3.1 = add/remove video extensions

You could also try and identify which videos aren't being seen and try to see if there is anything different about those files (extension/file size etc) that may help pinpoint the issue.

Also, running the kodi 18 pre-release on android, it may just be a bug.

Other than that, not sure what else could be the cause.