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Full Version: Lucid_evo
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Here some Screenshots from the Skin im currently working on:

watch gallery

the Skin offers currently 8 homescreendesigns to choose from and several Backgroundsettings + Supports the most common Scripts like "ExtendedInfo", "Skinhelper" and "Script.Skinshortcuts" and others.

more Info on the go..
reserved 2 (just in case i need it)
Looking good Smile
Looking pretty great. Netflix styles remind me on something. ;-)
Really interesting!
I'm ready.
Thanks, will see if i can put someting togeter to testdrive (personal goal thil next weekend, may a week more, depends)

take your time bro
very nice!
Really beautiful.

I hope you really have time to finish it.
Too much good project never go to the publication.

But not yours ! Smile)
Sry. guies thook me a bit longer than expected, but almost ready for a first preview.

here some screens of improved or recently added stuff + not already shared screens:

Channel View:
watch gallery

slighletly improved PVR-OSD (Timeshift-Labll for better recognising how many minutess u r away from the live stream + some small changes in the playerprozessinfo-dialog):

some work on the Weather Widget (Bottombar-Homescreenlayout)

"Review" (if available) in extended-InfoDialog.

looks cool , good job.
Really cool. Looks very nice.
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