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Full Version: Team Kodi repo
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Hey, I need some help. My Android Box (Alphawise, Android 8.1) ame with the RKMC Kodi fork which works a but better with my box's processor but it didn't come with team kodi addon repo. I have installed the official kodi 17.6 ut it had some problems with SMB network streaming and generally had a bit more trouble playing videos so I went back to RKMC. Unfortunately I have to manually download and install every dependency for every addon since I'm lacking your repo. Is there a download or some other way I can implement Team Kodi official repo to RKMC? I know I'm asking for help with an unofficial fork of your software and that the probable answer is to install kodi 17.6 (which I'm using on several other devices and have setup on half a dozen more for my friends) but I would really appreciate if I could simply implement this to my current android box setup.

Thank you in advance.
The answer is install the official Kodi as we do not care about forks
Expected answer.

Thx anyway.