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Full Version: Pandoki install gives mutagen dependency error
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I'm having problems loading Pandoki onto a new Firestick.  Could someone help me get past the dependency issue?

I'm running Kodi 17.6.

So is Pandoki all but dead unless you already have it installed?  I read too much bickering regarding Mutagen to the point where it provided zero help.  Couldn't find any helpful info in the wiki - seems everything has been deleted.

Can someone please let me know?
Do a google search for script.module.mutagen, you should be able to download it and install the dependency manually in Kodi by using the "install from zip file" option. Then install Pandoki.
(2018-12-05, 04:29)inthelight Wrote: [ -> ]script.module.mutagen

Thanks!  I will give it a try.