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Full Version: Banned
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Hi, I don't know which section to put this message so I posted here.

I created an account and have posted in the Mi box thread about a Facebook group created by the Xiaomi Mi Box Product manager only for the beta testers to help the devs fixing the bugs.

After posting this my account and ip were banned.

Could you please just say why have I been banned since I didn't have the possibility to explain myself.

The post was reviewed by the team and the consensus was that it was commercial and not appropriate for this site.

This is not a Mi Box site - there are plenty of those around that would be more appropriate.
Thanks for your response but i think that it wasn't commercial.

The admin of the Facebook group ask me to post in the Kodi forum because in the the Mi box thread there are some beta testers that don't know about this Facebook group and they have a lot of knowledge that could help fixing the bug.
The post was reviewed by several team members and that was the outcome. The Facebook page only being created today was also taken into consideration.

This is not a forum for hardware development, nor is it a Mi forum or one for generic firmware. As noted there are more appropriate forums for that elsewhere on the net.
Ok thanks but before banning my account and my IP of the forum I think you should have send me an email or PM telling me why, because I didn't know that I couldn't post that here, sorry
We treated that post as, what we internally call, "discrete spam". These are posts where the member tries to subtly post spam links to other products, services and sites, either paid or free, that breach our forum rules. As the name suggests they are not the big flashy spam posts, but very discrete. For that reason, we don't contact the member as usually the email address is fake anyway.

Normally we would also ban any new account created after a ban. But we will be allowing you to keep your current account if no further breaches are made.

Please familiarise yourself with our Forum Rules and our example list of Banned Add-ons (wiki).
Ok thanks but I'm still IP blocked, so I can't access the forum couldn't you unlock please?

Check your email.
Should all be fixed now.