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Full Version: Playstation Dualshock - How to insert coins?
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Hi there,

I've been successfully showing my kids the origins of gaming, using MAME.  Funny how much fun they get out of controlling an amphibian across the screen.

I've been using a Logitech wireless gamepad f710, which works great out of the box with milhouse Rpi builds of kodi.
I connected an old Playstation DualShock (wireless) controller the other day and it works in Kodi, again by magic.
The PlayStation controller navigates around Kodi as expected, starts games.  The only thing is that it doesn't seem to send commands when inside MAME.
Select doesnt add coins, Select+X doesnt bring anything up... Select+Start exits retroplayer.


Can you upload a debug log? I've added a lot of information there that could show us what's going wrong.
Hi there, I went and enabled logging, then went to recreate the issue. Problem is, no issue. I had updated Kodi to yesterday’s Milhouse build, so perhaps something has changed in a few days as I updated about 3-4 days before. Either way, no need for logs as the controller works. Thinking about it, I might reboot, use the Logitech, then try the PlayStation controller. See if it is a sequence issue (which one gets used first)? Nathan.
(2018-12-02, 15:27)nmcaullay Wrote: [ -> ]See if it is a sequence issue (which one gets used first)?
Yes, I just changed it so the last controller used gets assigned to P1, next to last assigned to P2, etc. This was to fix "phantom" controllers on Android that block player input. Do you find it confusing that player order can change seemingly randomly between games?
Hi there....

Taking the most recently used controller as primary in MAME seems to work fine.  If I go into MAME using one controller it is 1P, if i exit, then go into MAME using the other controller it is now 1P.

Regardless of which controller is primary/1P, the second controller seems to be recognised (in the logs), but the input is ignored.
https://pastebin.com/rBVwAUHQ - Logs where PlayStation Dual-shock is primary controller, and the Logitech is secondary controller.

I'm guessing what would work is that "start" on the 1st controller (e.g. PlayStation dual-shock) would be 1P, and that "start" on the 2nd controller (Logitech) would be 2P?

Input from the second controller seems to be being ignored, so i'm not sure how to make it so that it is recognised and mapped to 2P?
If you somehow mapped the 2nd controller (Logitech) "start" button to 2P, would it mess things up if you started MAME with with the 2nd controller?
How would that work?  Would the Logitech controller always be 2P?

Thanks so much for your hard work on this solution, it is great fun to mess about with.