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Full Version: Deinterlacing
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I wish deinterlacing on android wouldn't be broken 😓

98% of my video library consists of files in MPEG2 1080i and watching them without being properly deinterlaced is just torture... I'm someone who's extremely anal about this kinda things. But the difference is just enormous! It's like watching a video with 60fps vs. 15fps amongst other differences.

Do the developers don't know about this, or do they simply not care? Back at some nightly release of Kodi 14 I noticed for the first time MPEG2 is finally being deinterlaced! later came SPMC which is still the King when it comes to stuff like this. SPMC with it's last version can deinterlaced properly but it's getting old and has issues with nfs.

It's done before on SPMC. I believe it's not that cpu intensive to deinterlace MPEG2 because it's a old codec, maybe I'm wrong.

I just wan't to be heard. Maybe developers pay more attention to this. Maybe someone share his experience with this topic.

I tried enabling disabling MediaCodec or MediaCodec (Surface) nothing fixes this. Doesn't matter if android 6.0, 7.0 or 8.0 on Galaxy Smartphones or the Shield...

Please fix this... because I feel it's getting worse.
Deinterlacing is definitely known about & broken on Android Kodi Krypton, use Android Kodi Leia RC...

For AMLogic hardware...
You really need to use AMLcodec Hardware video decoding and Hardware deinterlacing with any cheap AMLogic hardware to get proper full motion deinterlacing in SPMC 16.x (Jarvis) or LibreELEC Kodi. That has been dropped in favor of Android Mediacodec for Kodi Krypton onwards.

The only AMLogic device that I have found that does full motion deinterlacing when using Android Kodi Leia RC is the S912 equipped MINIX U9.
It surprisingly does high quality deinterlacing and Frame Doubling for both mpeg2 and h264. I suspect it's faster, more powerful Mali T820 GPU has something to do with it.

However Android Leia mpeg2 deinterlaced picture quality is still not as sharp vs any device using LibreELEC Kodi due to old mpeg2 microcode used in the underlying Android Marshmallow Linux Kernel vs the updated Linux Kernel that LibreELEC Krypton uses.