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Full Version: XBox One X - SMB Not Connecting
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Hi there,

I'm also having issues with connecting to my NAS or Windows 10 share using Kodi 18.0 beta5 on my Xbox One.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Here is my debug log: https://paste.kodi.tv/ihafupogiw
(2018-12-01, 18:48)Camble Wrote: [ -> ]Here is my debug log: ihafupogiw (paste)

Looks like your server forcebly closes connection, may be it requires signing or encryption. Try to disable SMB2 signing/encryption requirements.
I was able to get this working. By chance I found that SMB2 was disabled on my NAS. It has such a terrible interface I couldn't find the option when I was looking for it.
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I'm getting the exact same error again, even with SMB2 enabled now. It listed the files on the share once, but I'm back to square one.