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Full Version: Firestick 4k, video stuttering with h265 codec on Kodi 18.
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When i try to play any h265 files (23.976fps) i see a lot of stuttering but only with autoframerate on. If i try to start a video at 60hz instead of 23.976hz there is no stuttering, obviously it's not smooth because the pulldown conversion, but nothing in comparison with the autoframerate on.
I did a test with perfect player app and any h265 files are played correctly at 23.976hz with autoframerate on. It must be something in kodi i guess.
Here is my log if somebody want to look into it.

ajewatufas.kodi (paste)
What is this "perfect player app"?
It's another android media player.
Hi, same very problem here, please help us! Sad
I'm still not able to watch any h265 files without stutter. I've try different version of kodi/fork but it's the same for any of those. Any 23.976fps has stuttering on my firestick 4k.
Like i said, if I use another application that it does autoframerate, like Perfect Player, i've no problem at all, just Kodi Sad
Jep - then use the other player for the time being.
Unfortunately it doesn't support SMB, just local files in the internal storage. Sad
Today i went back to kodi 16.1 just for a test but unfortunately auto framerate doesn't work.
I tried spmc 16.6 after that; afr works and there was no stuttering at all for any h265 files.
No way to reproduce correctly on kodi 17/18 or spmc 17.6 alpha.
But i noticed it only occur with hevc 1080p, no stuttering with hevc 4k.
I did others test today with Kodi 18 RC3 but there is stuttering everywhere. I tried 720p, 1080p and 4k at 24p, same kind of stuttering for the hd and fullhd version, less stuttering for the 4k version. 
Here the new logs.

jozaxiloko.kodi (paste)

soberagoke.kodi (paste)

umuhazepac.kodi (paste)