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Full Version: [WINDOWS] HOW-TO get Sony PS3 Bluetooth Remote Control working using EventGhost
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any idea how to start up eventghost when explorer.exe shell is replaced with xbmc.exe? eventghost doesn't start from autostart when the explorer isn't started =/
NOOK Wrote:any idea how to start up eventghost when explorer.exe shell is replaced with xbmc.exe? eventghost doesn't start from autostart when the explorer isn't started =/

I don't know why you would want such a setup but if you are able to replace the call for explorer.exe with a call for xbmc.exe, you should also be able to call start.bat instead. Then just edit start.bat to run everything you want running.
If there are any limitations like it has to be an exe that is kicked off, you could use autoit to script it.
the reason why i want this setup is pretty simple:
my pc is for xbmc-exclusive use. i don't need the explorer or anything windows at all, so i'd like to hide it plus that saves me some memory.

i'll give the batchfile a try, thanks! Smile
Alpha 4 Works wondersSmile no lag now. XBMC is the best media centre ever and i have been using it since the xboxmediaplayer had its first public release.. awsome-O
Same problem here. how can I start xbmc from the remote? I have an Intel 915G chipset for video card.
I have the ps3 remote setup and working great in xp but I simply cannot get the thing to pair in vista.

If anyone has a setup with the ps3 bluetooth remote working reliably in vista (or better yet vista 64) could you please share your details.

what bt dongle are you using? what driver package are you using? widcomm? did you do anything special to install the drivers etc... anything special you need to do to pair the remote (other than pressing ps button and enter button on the remote)

tia. it would make me so happy if I could get this working in vista! I have hybrid power that only works in vista. vista idles at 65Watts (at the wall) while xp idles at 110Watts because it doesn't support hybrid power.
nodbek Wrote:Same problem here. how can I start xbmc from the remote? I have an Intel 915G chipset for video card.

use event ghost. it can do anything. you can practically get it to flush your toilet with enough fiddling. Let me know if you need help setting it up. I have tweaked the hell out of it, and created several modes to switch between. I have a mode for mp3 using media monkey where i can rate songs simply by pressing a number button on the remote, and another button tells you the song name and artist using windows text to speech... awesome... when I'm sitting on the balcony and I'm wondering who I'm listening to I just hit a button... and then try to figure out what the hell SAM said.lol plus buttons to add songs to certain playlists, buttons to queue certain playlists

I set up another mode for media portal, one for windows file browsing, one for media player classic

You can setup buttons to toggle registry settings! This allows you to do things like switch default decoder between CoreAVC and FFDShow for those picky movies with subtitle problems

You can also display images on a button press so I've got a "help button" that toggles through images showing what each button does in each mode.

and of course you can put either the screen or the whole machine in to sleep mode... but alas no way to wake it up with the remote.

oh and to specifically answer your question, you can assign buttons to launch programs, switch between windows, minimize windows etc. I can even detect when you have opened a certain program and then perform whatever action you want. I can also detect when devices are plugged in or when you machine has come out of a sleep state.

event ghost rocks!

Make sure to get the latest version here so you have access to all the plugins for various remotes etc:
For anyone that wants their remote setup very simple, I suggest you try my application here: http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=38333.

It's not at advanced or feature-full as EventGhost but it more than gets the job done...for me anyways.
Wanted to let people know I've just done some hacking away at the EventGhost PS3 plugin - I've uploaded the results to:



1. Low-power mode - once the "HID.Hibernate" event is generated (default 1 min after last button press), the PS3 remote gets put into SNIFF mode, which should improve battery life immensely. It also goes into SNIFF mode when the HTPC is suspending (standby, etc). You can tell it's working because once it goes into low-power mode it might take a couple of seconds to respond to the first keypress. Plus it logs it.

2. Automatic re-detection of the PS3 remote after being in standby - just need to press a button once it's finished fixing things up. Obviously only tested on my setup.

Hopefully this will get cleaned up and incorporated into EG. If you can test it and post your results to that thread it would be appreciated.
BTW, I intend to rip out the repeating events once I get autorepeat working in EG - they were a hack until I understood enough Wink
the power saving feature sounds potentially very good. Is it
something that we will be able to switch on and off, or would we have
to install the old version of the plugin in order to switch it off? I
personally use rechargable batteries, and I really like the fact that
the remote is always immediately responsive. I used to use a wireless
gamepad with xbmc and I always found it annoying because it took too
long to wake up. If I'm watching a movie and I want to pause, I don't
want to have to press a button, then wait 2 seconds then press
pause... same is true with volume, when they break out the machine
guns, it is nice to be able to turn the volume down right away.

I have to replace the batteries about once a week I think, but I
always have spares charged and ready to go so it's not too bad...

just a thought. It would be great if you could have a command to
switch the powerfaving mode on and off depending on how you were using
I was hoping someone could help me. Having trawled through all the EG posts on this forum and the myriad of off domain links, I have successfully installed the new EG with native PS3 remote and XBMC event server support.

However the majority of posts here deal with pre-event server keyboard emulation or skip the guts of how to make the new event server way work.

Can someone briefly explain, or post a config, to get me past the point where i have the PS3 remote paired, EG + PS3 and XBMC plugins installed.

I'd like to try to help but I'm not sure what you are asking.

It seems like you are asking "how does eventghost work". Which is a bit vague and I doubt you'll get a response. But if it is, I would start by reading this: http://www.eventghost.org/wiki/Short_Manual
if you still have specific questions, I'll try to help.

Do you need help pairing the ps3 remote?
Do you need help specifically with the xbmc plugin?
Can i do that from my bluetooth Mobile?
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