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Full Version: 3D files, "Half-OU" should be detected by default, as well as "Half-SBS"
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I struggled for ages to discover out why only some of my 3D movies were being detected as such by Kodi, and thus shown in correctly in the interface. Eventually I worked out that it was only the 'over/under' encoded ones that weren't getting flagging correctly - which most of mine are, as those seem to work better on my passive-3D OLED 4K TV. The files were all named using the defacto convention of including "3D.Half-OU" within the filename, but it transpires after more research that Kodi is looking for the term "TAB" instead of "OU" (which I've actually never come across in the wild).

Once I'd worked out the problem it was easy enough to add  <stereoscopicregextab>[-. _]h?ou[-. _]</stereoscopicregextab> into advancedsettings.xml, but it would have been far easier and saved me a lot of time and effort if that had been included in the default setup in the first place.

Thanks on behalf of any other confused users. Smile