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Full Version: Sound stutters 2 times when Xbox 360 controller turns on/off
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Hi guys!

Sadly I did not find a solution anywhere in the forum and I am also not sure if I am posting this in the right category - but the thread will be moved anyway if its wrong right Wink 

So when i watch a video or listen to music and the 360 controller turns off/on (I think the timeout is set to 10 minutes in the controller) the sound always drops completely 2 times for 1 second - I can see on my AV Receiver that the signal completely stops and comes back again. I tried everything - I turned off all windows alert sounds, I tried running the controller in Windows 7/8 compatibility mode, I reinstalled the controller, i dis- and reconnected with the sensor.....nothing works. Can you please help me or is it maybe just the sensor of my controller that is damaged and I need to buy a newer controller (not a 360 of course) with drivers for Windows 10?

I would be very thankful for any kind of help!
Anyone? Nothing? Please help Sad