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Full Version: Kodi RC1 Leia Crashes on Pictures
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Hello Kodi Devs,

After upgrading to Kodi 18 Leia RC1, pictures that previously rendered fine via Krypton causes the system to crash. I did some poking, at it appears that all of the photos I have for my specific make of camera causes the problem (a Canon PowerShot SX730 HS). Photos taken with older cameras or my phone works fine. I'm planning on attempting RC2 as soon as a Raspberry Pi 3 build becomes available.

Initially I had thought it was a problem with the screen saver add-on but it reproduces by directly trying to open the photos.

I am running the latest packages on RetroPie Raspberian Stretch. As I mentioned, this works fine under the same platform under Krypton and broke on upgrade so I don't think the platform itself is a problem.

A few more notes:

1) EXIF and thumbnails are turned off.
2) I don't believe it's a picture size issue as I attempted to open up a small one (less than 2MB) and that failed. Pictures range to about 5 MB.
3) Exporting the photos to a new location via Picasa works. That seems to copy the metadata as-is so that might indicate that it has nothing to do with that.
4) Other threads indicated that it might be a network problem, as all of these photos are accessed via a SMB share. I transferred some to the SD card directly and it still crashes.

Log is saved via link below. I do not think I have any add-ons that would be a problem or cause concerns. If asked I can provide an image that should reproduce the crash.


Problem lines appear to be (in case others are searching for this):

22:37:40.933 T:1460658928   ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::WaitForOutputDone OMX.broadcom.image_encode wait event timeout
22:37:40.933 T:1460658928   ERROR: COMXReEnc::ReEncode smb:// m_omx_encoder.WaitForOutputDone result(0x80001011)
22:37:40.933 T:1460658928   ERROR: COMXImage::CreateThumb smb:// 5184x3888 failed to encode
22:37:42.057 T:1800401648   ERROR: COMXCoreComponent:Big GrinecoderEventHandler OMX.broadcom.image_decode - OMX_ErrorStreamCorrupt, Bitstream corrupt
22:37:42.063 T:1681912560   ERROR: COMXCoreComponent::FreeInputBuffers WaitForCommand:OMX_CommandPortDisable failed on OMX.broadcom.image_decode omx_err(0x8000100b)
@rascas  was nice enough to help confirm that this doesn't reproduce on a Ubuntu Kodi setup, so must be a RPi / RPi3 issue... Looks lower level, like the firmware or a dependent decoder package. You can see our discussion over at the RetroPie forums where folks are trying Kodi Leia:


@popcornmix , you were super helpful resolving the overscan issue a few weeks ago --- would it be possible for you to take a quick look at this? I'm not sure but it might be breaking more devices than just mine, and it would be worth consideration before Kodi 18 reaches gold.

Sample image causing crash is at:

Still reproduces on RC4.
Github issue tracking this:


Updated RC4 debug log: